Download 160+ flat UI kit app screens, UI elements, material design shadows, flat UI colors and more.

Another spectacular UI kit template from the team at InVision and it’s yours to download for free. This UI kit takes the form of a social media style app to make connections with other users. The app is designed with an off kilter visual style, with text and images overlapping one another. It uses material design shadows and depth to provide a clear navigation and interaction. It including profile app screens, login screens, alerts, social feeds, galleries and many more.

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  2. Overall design guidelines for material design – Google Design
  3. Google’s design resources including flat UI colors, flat icons and more – Design Resources

The Flat UI kit and material design shadows include

With over 160 different elements to explore this free UI kit will allow you to mix and match different elements to create completely bespoke app designs. Whether you’re looking to create a chat app, a photo sharing app or even a new social platform to rival the likes of Facebook and Twitter this template has you covered.

free flat ui kit app design material design shadow

Not only does this UI template include tones of different elements and icons it features 3 unique themes. Each theme has a distinct style and look whilst keeping the overall templates. Some of the specific elements include:

  • Grid layouts
  • Artboards
  • Fonts
  • Flat icons
  • Buttons
  • Toggles
  • List styles
  • Camera styles
  • Flat UI colors
  • Menu styles

Flat UI kit downloads

Download this UI kit as both a Sketch file and a Photoshop file. Each version of the file lists the UI templates as a different artboards. The downloads are featured exclusively on the InVision site, click the link below to download. You can show them some love by following them on Dribbble below for more goodies like this.

Download Flat UI Kit App Design