These free mobile app templates feature over 180 different UI elements and over 30 free material design icons.

We all know InVision for creating one of the best prototyping tools for designers to test their UI and UX. They do also release regular free UI kits to help us along the way. This UI kit is a cross platform beast! If you are looking to create a mobile app as well as a tablet and desktop version of the app this free download will help you immensely.

These mobile app templates will help you if you are creating a mobile app or a full screen desktop website. The download features a very versatile selection of elements with multiple purposes.

The mobile app templates include

This download includes over 200 individual templates and elements as well as free material design icons. This template is perfect if you need to rapid prototype a social app template, a blog / news app template or even a media / music app template. Here are just a few of the elements / templates.

Free Mobile App Templates

The free UI template includes flat website design mock-ups for converting your existing app design to a desktop mock-up. Allowing you to create immersive experiences on desktop devices as as well.

  • Login screen templates
  • News article templates
  • List post templates
  • Comment sections
  • Calendars and todo lists
  • Progress bars
  • Graph templates
  • Mobile menu templates
  • Desktop and tablet mock-ups
  • and many more…

Download the mobile app templates and the free flat icons

Download this free UI kit for both Photoshop and Sketch. Each template includes the same elements on different artboards. These files are free to download from InVision, click the download link below to get them. As always give them the love they deserve on Dribbble if you want more files like this.

Download Mobile App Templates