The eBooks & Audio Books free app UI kit is adaptable and flexible, providing an innovative solution for users to access their favourite eBooks and Audio Books.

An intuitive and smart way to offer users access to a library of eBooks and Audio Books. This free app UI Kit is a smart way to get creative when it comes to designing a sleek app that captivates your users. Fully-customisable, it enables you to create an app that users will want to use time and time again.

From the variety of screens to the range of colours as well as its compatibility, not forgetting its iconography. Above all, this is a simple yet effective solution, making this free app UI kit the ideal choice for storing, accessing, reading and listening to the latest books. Get more free UI Kits for apps here.

The Free App UI Kit for eBooks and Audio Books – The Features

  • Sleek Design
  • Smart and intuitive icons
  • Clean and simple
  • Customisable and compatible with Sketch, Adobe Xd and Figma
  • Keeps content organised
  • In addition, there are over 20 screens available

free app ui kit player

When users want to listen to or read their favourite books they don’t want a clunky, difficult-to-navigate app. They want an app that they can open and use with ease. This free app UI kit for eBooks and Audio Books is the solution that your users have been looking for because accessing the content they want has never been so simple.

A User-Friendly, Modern Free App UI Kit

In conclusion, users want access to the content that they love and this free app UI Kit offers just that. Therefore, you can create a well-designed app with enhanced usability. It enables users to keep their content organised and take it with them wherever they go. For the ability to create a customised eBook and Audio Book app that has a modern look and a colour scheme that works for you, this is the perfect pick.

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